False Prophets

I’ve always questioned how to tell the difference between a false prophet and one who truly preaches the words of Christ. When we read Matthew 7:20 “Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.” It sounds that it should be so easy to see the difference between a false prophet and one who preaches the words of Christ only.

As I was going through years of maturing in my faith, I found growth in what I considered a great teacher of the word. This particular author was challenging, he presented the word in a new way! I was hooked on his teachings. As this author grew in popularity, he began traveling around the country speaking at large events. I so badly wanted to hear him preach about the word of God in a live setting!

But then he produced his fourth book…

As I was reading through his latest book, I was seeing a lot of red flags. Maybe there were a few things in his prior books that I needed to challenge myself with, but nothing major stuck out to me. With this fourth book though, I was seeing a message that contradicted the message of the Bible. My world was rocked!

As I look back, I notice now what is one of the largest ways to recognize a false prophet. In Matthew 7:15-20, Jesus says a good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. When a plant bears fruit, it has more to do with the roots than the branch. False prophets may forget about the roots of the plant. False prophets are focused on their one branch.

God used people throughout the Bible to accomplish His plan, but the praise never went to the people, the praise always went to God. Not once do you see a time in the Bible where God encourages us to hold anything higher than our praise of God, and this is the big issue that false prophets have. They praise themselves and forget about their roots.

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