Making Ministry: One connection at a time

When it comes to bringing the Gospel to others, I have always looked to Paul as the best example.  Paul wrote much of the New Testament, he wrote to encourage people toward spreading the Gospel through the church, and he wasn’t Christ, which almost gives him a credibility as being more human like (For example, he didn’t know the heart of every person as Christ did). Most importantly, his ministry attitude makes the most sense to me.

Paul desired to learn about each person he came in contact with as much as he could. –1 Corinthians 9:19-23

He saw everyone as being on equal level as Christ saw them. –Galatians 3:26-28

He was a tent-maker; his ministry was volunteer based and we know he was in the world, not separated by being only a evangelist. –Acts 18:1-4

He gave different advice to different churches, knowing that the church is the backbone to our faith, but church will look different for every town, culture, and people.

But my favorite attribute of Paul’s attitude is found in Acts 20: specifically when he says, I am innocent of the blood of all, for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God. -Acts 20:26-27

Ministry is not about planning the greatest activities, hosting the best events, having the largest numbers, or going on the most mission trips. Although these things can hold an importance, they can all be beneficial or harmful toward the spreading of the gospel.  Ministry is not shrinking or missing an opportunity to spread the gospel.

There was a summer I was teaching a Bible class for three weeks at Nebraska Youth Camp.  After reading Acts 20, I challenged myself to connect with a teenager every day and create a Gospel connection with each of them.  This meant I had to have one on one connections with a different teenager every day.  This forced me to constantly seek opportunity, and pray for guidance toward these chances.  That challenged formed my ministry, changed my mindset, and is now my primary focus in youth ministry.  For many years, I was a volunteer youth leader at whatever church I was living near.  Now, I’m blessed to be able to work at ministry full time, but my heart is still in part time ministry.

Whether you are a youth leader, a parent, or just a church member, you can make ministry that spreads the gospel to youth by simply seeking to give the Gospel.  My goal with this site is to equip you with tools to make the big pieces easier so you can focus on making ministry: creating real, genuine Gospel connections through one on one interactions.

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