Feeling Happy and Awesome

It seems that every year, following Youth in Action – Kansas City, the teens, and chaperones have a new fire for Christ, ready to conquer the world!

Following one of these events, I returned home ready to catch up on some sleep.  A few hours upon returning, one of the teens, an eighth grade boy, sent me a text.  It read “When we went to YIA I felt happy and awesome and at home, but not anymore now that I am back home.  It feels like something is missing because I don’t feel good inside or happy that I am home.”

It made me smile that he felt this way, that means the weekend was impactful for him.  At the same time it saddened me, because it shows that there is a brokenness at his home that he was noticing for the first time.

Many would tell him that spiritual high will fade, and that is normal.  I struggle with that advice because we should always be seeking to hold onto that spiritual feeling.  The reason it feels so great is because we have had a time where we have lived our faith to a high level.  We should desire for that to continue even when youth events are over.

Instead, when he called crying, asking for me to pray for him, I advised him to keep finding that feeling.  Put yourself in places, and with people who will continue to encourage the living out of faith.  The problem is we are not afraid to let Christ rule our thoughts and actions when we are surrounded by other Christ-followers, but when we are surrounded by the world, fear takes over and we are often quick to put our faith living on the back burner.

My prayer is that this boy motivates us to continue to live out our faith no matter what limits the world, or the church attempts to place on our faith, and that he finds a passion to have a family free of the brokenness he experiences within the home he is growing up in.

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