Our garage was out of hand! So much STUFF was pilling up that it was getting difficult to pull the cars in! It was to the point that once the cars were carefully navigated into their places, we had to strategically duck and squeeze around side mirrors and doors to get out of the garage. Enough was enough! It was time to build shelves to get all the stuff off the ground and out of the way so there was space for the vehicles. The shelves added the benefit of space, but also made all the nick-nacks we needed to access more easily accessible. There was more than one benefit to the shelves. The garage just needed one slight adjustment to make many positive changes.

Repetition is easy. In our spiritual lives it takes less time and is more comfortable for us to keep things the same. Whether it be our daily bible reading, the way we pray, or the ministry projects we are involved in, keeping the same process and schedule makes faith easy. It allows us to do more when we act in repetition. But repetition could cause us to appear to have a strong faith, but really be complacent in our spiritual walk, to the point of going through the motions. Repetition could cause a lot to get done, but nothing fruitful to be happening at all.

The house you live in is a great example of this. Without continual slight modifications the house will slowly fall apart. In the same way, our faith walk staying the exact same will slowly fall apart. What slight changes need to be made in our ministries as a church to be fruitful? What about in your individual ministry? And in your personal spiritual walk? We need to always be seeking slight changes that can be made with this goal in mind:

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness… Matthew 6:33

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