Saint Francis Foster Care Agency

When BryAnna and I worked full time in the public schools, we did not yet have children and our schedules would not often allow us to be home until around 5 PM.  One day upon returning from school, our neighbors from the south stopped by to ask if we could take three children into our house immediately.  Our immediate reaction: “Wait, WHAT?!”

Flashback: These neighbors were “retired” foster parents.  Through the years, they had housed over 75 kids through foster care.  We had heard many of their crazy experiences and gained more and more respect for all they had given up through the years of foster care.

Back to the story: Earlier that morning, our neighbors to the NORTH had their three children taken into foster care for neglect.  These neighbors also had their sister and her four children living with them.  Seven children all together placed into foster care in two sibling groups.  Our crazy southern neighbors agreed to take the sibling group of four and were knocking on our door to see if we would be able to take the other three.

We had not considered foster care.  We didn’t know what is was like having ONE child.  This was crazy!  But we aren’t good at saying no, so after a quick conversation with one another, we were on the phone with a worker at Saint Francis Foster Care Agency out of Grand Island to see what we could do!

We did not have those three children placed with us, but we decided if we could so serviceareas350quickly say yes to three, we should start down the trail of becoming certified foster parents.

Today we are blessed to be serving with Saint Francis Foster Care Agency serving children and parents in our community.  Foster Care is a roller coaster of a ride, but our love for children has only grown.  We have experienced the hardest heartache, but greatest joy working in foster care, and it has all been worth it!

Why do I want to highlight Saint Francis Agency?  They have been a tremendous support through our fight for providing children with everything they deserve.

If you ever want to know details about our foster care journey, or desire to know how you can help in foster care don’t hesitate to ask.

Helping the orphans among us.

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