Pray for healing

He was paralyzed. Many who saw him felt sorry for him. Life becomes a lot more complicated when you are so crippled that it tremendously affects every moment of your day. He was slower than everyone else, he couldn’t possibly compete with others, he was always dependent upon others. But his friends had the answer…

We know that the friends in Mark 2 brought the paralyzed man to Jesus through the roof because he was paralyzed. We can tell they KNEW Jesus could heal him. Jesus had healed many before, and these friends’ faith was so great that they knew he would do it again for their friend. But no one was expecting the other lesson that Jesus was going to teach.

Jesus sees the friends’ faith and heals their friend physically, but not before healing him spiritually. Jesus seems to be saying to everyone watching, “you have faith I can heal physically, but have faith I can heal spiritually too!”. The son of God, who can take away the sins of the world. Healing the physically and spiritually paralyzed.

We often pray for those who are sick and need healing… physically. How much would our prayers change if we prayed in the same way for those needing spiritual healing? Do you pray more for physical healing for yourself and others more than you do for spiritual healing? If so, doesn’t that show where our priorities lie? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with spiritual healing than physical?

Jesus is the true healer, and although his miracles are incredible, His plan is for eternity is even greater! Pray for yourself and others for spiritual healing MORE than you pray for physical healing.

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