Making Ministry through a daily lifestyle pointing to the Gospel.

Since high school, it has always been a passion of mine to lead youth closer to Christ.  After graduating from York College with a degree in Middle School education, my wife, BryAnna and I moved to Grand Island, Nebraska where I taught middle school for 3 years.  Now, I am fortunate that God has led me into full-time youth ministry with the help of supporters.  A great deal of work is done with the Stolley Park church of Christ in Grand Island, but much more of my time is spent simply working with teens.  This mostly includes teens around the state, but my priority of ministry is building relationships to foster lives lead closer to Christ.

Much of my time in the past has been spent doing volunteer youth ministry.  The purpose of this website is to direct you toward making ministry with teenagers as a church volunteer, parent, or mentor with eyes set on Christ’s kingdom. Read the website goal post here.